Featured Artists

Grupo Extra

The hardest thing for new projects in the music business is to find an identity, a new concept, a new sound, a different style, new colors. All the above describes Grupo Extra. The key members of Grupo Extra are El Nene Flow (Neftali Caba), El Turko (Yassir Neher), Tony Santana (Edward Anthony Regalado Santana), Manny Rod (Emmanuel Rodriguez) y Yewdry Alvarado. Grupo Extra is already known as a group with a big stage presence, a lot of strength and energy, perfect choreographies and beautiful harmonies. In their relatively short career Grupo Extra has shared the stage with great figures of the International Latin Music scene like Daddy Yankee, Wyclef Jean, Jorge Celedon, Kasav, Los Van Van de Cuba, Guayacan of Colombia, Prince Royce, Hector Acosta and others.

Alex & Desiree

Alex Morel is known for his musical style and flavor on the dance floor. He has been teaching workshops and performing in countries such as Germany, Portugual, and Israel, to name a few. After moving to NYC, Desiree Godsell began choreographing and dancing for Atlantic recording artist Santigold, and touring all over the world. She was part of the opening act for artists such as Coldplay, Kanye West, Jay-Z, M.I.A., and Rihanna. Desiree began her Salsa career straight at the top, partnering with the Mambo King himself, Eddie Torres. She's appeared on late night TV shows David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'Brian, and Jules Holland. She's currently producing a dance concert series called the Pearl in BK.

Ataca & La Alemana

Tanja "La Alemana" Kensinger began teaching professionally in 2008 with Jorge "Ataca" Burgos. Initially, their primary dancing style was Salsa, but switched to a Bachata emphasis after a friend of Tanja's recommended they do a routine together. Their dance organization, Island Touch Dance Academy, currently has over 100 teams in many countries across the globe.

Carlo & Anja

Carlo and Anja are dancing together since 2011. Carlone was born in Italy, he represent the chief of KIZOMBA ITALIA® and he is master for the Italian dancing federation, students of mestre Petchu and Afrolatin connection, organizer of the biggest Italian kizomba festival KIFE, have been in several congresses all over Europe, in Milano world salsa congress, New Jersey Kizomba Congress, Paris, Warsaw, Roma. He is the first Italian Master of teachers, written the book "Kizomba & Semba" for the Italian dance federation.

Christian & Alejandra

Christian Sola is the founder and pioneer of Sensual Bachata starting back in 2004. The concept of the style is to train on how to connect and become one on the dance floor while showcasing other moves influenced by Sensual Dances such as Tango, Bolero, and Rumba. Over the past 14 years he has traveled the world, taught thousands to dance as well as host he's own Festival under his company Bahhari Productions.

Alejandra Fontao started dancing at a very young age in dances such as ballet, jazz, hiphop, etc. She then was introduced to Latin Dances and Sensual Bachata back in 2012. Christian & Alejandra became partners late 2012 and since then have performed & taught all over USA. They recently took their talent on a Europe Tour together and had the opportunity to showcase at first Daniel & Desiree Festival. Today Christian & Alejandra host The Unity of Dance Festival in Orlando, Florida; Direct their Bahhari's Sensual Bachata Teams; and teach locally, nationally, and internationally.

Jose & Elena

Jose and Elena Ferrante Avella started dancing together in September 2011, debuting with "Just Promise," a mix of Acro Dance and Bachata that represents the fusion of love and passion. This choreography, created in no time, was their winning piece in two choreographic Bachata competitions in March 2012: Bachata Day in Italy and The King of Bachata in France. In 2013, they won the Bachata Open in Spain and qualified for the 2014 World Bachata Masters. To date, Jose y Elena continue studying in various disciplines such as ballet, pas de deux, acrobatics, Latin Hustle, Bachata, Salsa, and Kizomba.

Kizomba Chick

Maria Ivanova (AKA Kizomba Chick) is a Kizomba instructor, promoter, and performer who has been sharing her love and passion in the U.S. and overseas. Maria is the first official face of Kizomba in Florida, spreading her vision for this breathtaking sensual dance tempestuously. She learned Kizomba with some of the greatest masters, such as Kwenda Lima, Petchu, Ricardo Sousa and Paula Loureiro, Albir & Sarah, and Joao & Mafalda. She continues to travel abroad to satisfy the thirst of learning and dancing, bringing back to her students the latest techniques and newest patterns.

Rodrigo & Wendy

Rodrigo and Wendy Jimenez are renowned instructors and performers who have graced numerous stages locally and abroad. With intensive training under World Master Instructors and ESPN World Salsa & Argentine Tango champions, they also have been featured in several public broadcast television shows as well as the International Latin Dance Film “La Epoca.” They have conducted workshops and performed “SalsaTango” and “BachaTango” fusions at numerous Salsa congresses, festivals, and galas in major national & international cities. They have performed with Salsa star Eddie Santiago, the Queen of Salsa “La India,” and Salsa bands Guayacan and DLG.

Ronald & Alba

Ronald (from Colombia) and Alba (from Spain) were the Champions of the 2012 BachataStars in Spain and 2-time BachataStars Champions in Europe in 2012 and 2014. They're currently the Champions of the World Bachata Masters 2015. They both currently reside in Alicante, Spain.

Sara Lopez

Sara Lopez is an influential instructor and performer in the Kizomba dance scene. She studied ballet for 15 years and obtained an honors certificate from The Royal Ballet of London. While at the Royal Ballet she supplemented her training with flamenco, contemporary dance, and various jazz and funk courses. She joined the Ballet Joven África Guzmán for four years as well. Sara taught online salsa, bachata and bachatango workshops with various dance partners for three years. She started Kizomba in late 2009 dancing in a show with Albir Rojas and competing in the qualifying rounds of the Africadancar contest in Madrid. They were selected to represent Spain in the Africadancar international championship and earned second place in the 2010 event. Following this competition she started giving workshops and performing all over Europe, but her popularity increased through the dissemination of her videos on Youtube and social networks. This gave her the international fame that has allowed her to travel throughout Europe, North America, Central America, Asia and Oceania.

DJ Selo

Sami Ahmed (AKA DJ Selo), has become known in the Washington DC dance community more notably for his DJing in the rapidly expanding Zouk and Kizomba scene in the DC Metro Area. Stemming from his musical roots in Capoeira, DJ Selo has an ear for music and rhythm which is evident in this musical selections in his increasingly popular sets and impeccable attention to detail that keeps his audiences dancing until the early hours of the morning. He creates sexy blends of Zouk and Kizomba music, including remixes mainstream songs, hip hop favorites and he has an impressive arsenal of Bachata and Salsa music. He began dancing Zouk in 2013 by joining in on the annual International Zouk Flash Mob. In that same year he joined Ferocity Dance Company where he danced on several teams under the direction of Kat Arias to include: Daniel & Desiree World Team Project, Alma DC and Ferocity Couples Team. He completed Zouk instructor certification under Zouk NY's Director, Kim Rottier, in 2014. He's taken instruction in Zouk from renowned artists such as: Kadu & Larissa, Leo & Catherine, Jessica & Henri, Carlos & Fernanada, Dadhino and several others. Sami is the founder of the DC Zouk Festival. From its humble beginnings in 2014 the most recent festival grew to 600+ attendees in 2016 and has become one of the premier Zouk events in the United States.

Sergio & Marichu

Tiguere & Julianna

El Tiguere's father was a self-taught musician, and he imparted a feel and love for music that would permeate in all that El Tiguere does. Some of El Tiguere's earliest memories are dancing the night away with his mother in New York. El Tiguere has been dancing formally (studio taught) for three years and gotten his name for his sexy, and sometimes unconventional, style of dancing with swag. A true believer in "dance what you feel," El Tiguere loves and embraces all styles of dancing. However, his true loves are Bachata and Mambo. A passionate teacher, El Tiguere has been teaching students what he knows about dance since his third month dancing!